EMX Development System
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EMX Development System Ürün Kodu : X389-RT-GHI-0026 Markası : GHI
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239,00 USD + KDV
69.995 USD + KDV
479,05 TL   KDV DAHİL
The EMX Development System is the official kit from GHI Electronics for the EMX module. EMX offers high performance and extensive capabilities. This kit exposes the various peripherals and interfaces that make it an ideal starting point for any .NET Micro Framework project. The EMX module signals such as GPIO, SPI and UART are accessible on a 0.1' header for rapid prototyping.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) will get you started in no time. All you need is a PC with Visual Studio and .NET Micro Framework SDK from Microsoft. The system can be powered through USB or by connecting a power pack (not included).

EMX Development System includes:
  • The System main circuit board
  • EMX Module pre-installed on the main board (see image below)
  • 320x240 3.5' display with touch screen
  • USB cable

Key Features
* EMX Module with .NET Micro Framework
* 72 MHz 32-bit ARM 7 Processor
* 16MB RAM and 4.5MB FLASH
* 320 x 240 3.5' TFT Display with touch screen.
* RJ-45 Ethernet connector.
* GHI WiFi-Expansion compatible.
* Standard JTAG connector (only available for GHI partners).
* TFT signals exposed.
* GPIO signals with interrupts exposed on 0.1' header pins with on-board pin descriptions.
* 2 SPI Master bus (8/16bit).
* I2C interface.
* 4 exposed UART (serial ports), one RS232 interface with hardware handshaking.
* 7 analog inputs (ADC), 2 are used with touch screen.
* 1 analog output (DAC).
* 2 CAN interfaces, CAN 1 is connected to CAN PHY with 9-DSUB interface.
* 6 PWM signals.
* One-wire interface support
* SD/MMC card connector with spring.
* USB Device port
* USB Host port
* XBee module socket.
* UEXT interface for easy expansions such as GPS, MP3 decoder or 3-axis accelerometer.
* Real Time Clock backup battery.
* LEDs and push buttons.
* On-board Piezo.
* Powered by USB or DC power (input 6 volts through 2.1mm power connector).
* RoHS Lead Free
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