PC Osiloskop (2X60MHz/200MS/s) - (ISDS220A)
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PC Osiloskop (2X60MHz/200MS/s) - (ISDS220A) Ürün Kodu : CN-00806 Markası : ÇİN
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215,00 USD + KDV
149.9 USD + KDV
1.114,36 TL   KDV DAHİL
Adet :
PC-Based USB Oscilloscope 2Channels 60MHz 200MSa/s FFT Analyzer ISDS220A


ISDS220A/ISDS220B dual-channel digital oscilloscope, is a product taken 'low-cost, high-performance' as the design goals and it is well-designed bandwidth  60M, 200M sampling rate, 2 channels, supporting alternately X,alternating Y and XY mode  dual-channel virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and has a 1KHz reference square wave output interface. ISDS220B device supports DDS and scanner functions. Of which there are five kinds of DDS output wave form ,sine wave the highest possible output 20M. Devices communicate with a PC via high speed USB2.0.

1. Streamlined design, compact size, USB2.0 interface, no external power source.
2. More suitable for notebook computer, used easily on business.
3. A small size (mm): 150 (L) x100 (W) x30 (H), easy to carry.
4. High refresh rate, high sampling rate, 200MS / s real-time sampling.
5. The software supports: Windows XP (SP3), Win7 (32 bit), Win7 (64-bit).
6. Waveforms: add, subtract, multiply, X-Y display.
7. The waveform data can be  output to EXCEL, BMP, OSC by time and voltage.
8. FFT spectrum analysis.
9. Full-function signal generator, and supports adjustable voltage amplitude and offset.
10. A computer can connect many DSO.
11. Secondary development library that provides an example of VC development.

- Channels: 2
- Impedance: 1MΩ 25pF
- Coupling: AC / DC
- Vertical resolution: 8Bit
- Voltage range:-16V ~ 16V
- Vertical accuracy: ± 3%
- Timebase range: 1ns-20s
- Vertical adjustable: 10mV/div-10V/div (1MΩ)
- Input protection: Diode clamping
- Auto Setup: Yes (10Hz to 60MHz)
- Trigger mode: automatic, continuous, single
- Trigger Slope: + / -
- Trigger level adjustable: Yes
- Trigger Type: Analog
- Trigger source: CH1, CH2
- Memory Depth: 512KB/CH
- Single Bandwidth: 60MHz
- Maximum real-time sampling rate: 200MS / s
- Sampling Rate Selection: Yes
- Vertical mode: CH1, CH2, ADD, SUB, MUL
- Display Mode: X alternately, Y and X-Y mode alternately
- Cursor measurements: Yes
- Cursor display: frequency, voltage
- Waveform Save format: Osc (private), Excel and Bmp
Spectrum Analyzer 

- Channels: 2 
- Bandwidth: 60MHz 
- Algorithm: FFT (18  window), correlation, power spectrum 
- FFT data points per channel :8 -1048576 


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