LinkSprite Link DIY 3D printer Prusa i3 Kit
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359,99 USD + KDV
319.99 USD + KDV
1.541,77 TL   KDV DAHİL

Kurulum Video:

Prusa i3 (i3 stands for third iteration of the design) is the latest design. There are countless variations of the design and it became a staple of 3D printing with tens, if not hundreds, of thousands units world wide. You can build simple one for couple hundred dollars or you can chip in more and get the state of the art 3D printer, it’s all up to you.

3DI3 1.png

It’s open functional design allows for quick maintenance. For example if our LinkSprite DIY 3D printer Prusa i3 Kit breaks you can clean it in couple seconds! This makes i3 great workhorse 3D printer for your business. Not to mention the ability to upgrade the printer as you wish without manufacturer forcing you to buy a new model! Future-proof FTW!

Technical Specs

  • bigger build volume – 8000 cm3 (20x 20x 20 cm or 9,84 x 8,3 x 8 in)
  • Open frame design for easy use
  • Integrated LCD and SD card controller
  • 0,5mm nozzle (easily changeable) for 1,75 mm filament
  • Layer height from 0,1 mm
  • Supported materials – PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, Flex PP, Ninjaflex, Laywood, Laybrick, Nylon, Bamboofill, Bronzefill, ASA, T-Glase, Carbon-fibers enhanced filaments, Polycarbonates...
  • Easy multicolor printing based on layer height
  • Average power consumption 70 W (printing PLA) or 110 W (printing ABS), exterior dimensions 43 x 42 x 40 cm (16.9 x 16.5 x 15.7 inches), weight 7.27 kg (16.03 lbs)
  • Specially optimized firmware for quiet printing


Bill of Materials

LINK-DIY 3D 03.gif

LINK-DIY 3D 04.gif

LINK-DIY 3D 06.gif

LINK-DIY 3D 07.gif

Kurulum Ücreti(1 Adet Filament Hediye) 150 USD+KDV / İLETİŞİME GEÇİNİZ 0312 285 00 22

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