FreaksCar - Robot Starter Kit
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FreaksCar - Robot Starter Kit Ürün Kodu : EF08066 Markası : ELECFREAKS
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69 USD + KDV
383,99 TL   KDV DAHİL
Adet :
FreaksCar is a robotic development platform, completely open source, new affordable, easy to use, no soldering no wires, and fun intro to programming, electronics, and robotics. It is geared towards kids of elementary-age and above, educators looking for an easy intro to robotics, parents eager to find something affordable but educational and fun, DIY enthusiasts, and more.It’s accompanying step-by-step lessons, simple enough for beginners, while being feature-packed enough to be a must-have for pro-users. No soldering required and has extended functions such as, soccer playing, wifi camera or robot arm. It includes everything you need to get started learning about robotics! Let’s start exploring the robot world, FreaksCar won’t be able to operate on Mars but it will definitely fuel your curiosity about robotics!

You can follow the FreaksCar with Education for Arduino lessons such as: 

  • - Learning to program your robotics with Arduino 
  • - Calibrating the robot’s continuous rotation stepper motors 
  • - Using phototransistors to navigate by light 
  • - Using non-contact infrared sensors to control 
  • - Using app controlled FreaksCar via Bluetooth 4.0 
  • - Using ultrasonic sensor to avoid objects 
  • - Using buzzer on FreaksCar to sing a song
  • - Using encoder to control the speed
  • - Using FreaksCar as development platform for more application scenarios based on its wood construction



  • Power supply:6-12V
  • Controller: ATMEGA32U4(Arduino Leonardo)
  • Support Bluetooth 4.0 
  • Dual-channel (2WD) H-bridge current-control motor drive
  • Builtin a variety of sensors, has functions of smartphone Bluetooth control, infrared remote control,and other functions.
  • Reserved IIC interface can connect with external ultrasonic module, IIC-OLED display modules
  • Working temperature:-25 ~ 85℃
  • Size:120.00mm×88.20mm 


Packing list  

  • 1 x FreaksCar Mainboard 
  • 2 x Rubber Wheel 
  • 2 x Universal wheel
  • 1 x BAT Ultrasonic Sensor 
  • 1 x IR Remote Controller
  • 1 x 6 AA Batteries Holder
  • 6 x Wood Case 
  • 2 x Round Cap Screw M3*20 
  • 12 x Round Cap Screw M3*9
  • 6 x Round Cap Screw M3*5
  • 6 x Copper cylinder
  • 20 x Nut M3
  • 1 x 2mm angle wrench
  • 1 x box




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