Bluetooth Multi-Function Car Kit
  • Bluetooth Multi-Function Car Kit
  • Bluetooth Multi-Function Car Kit
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Bluetooth Multi-Function Car Kit Ürün Kodu : CN-AD003 Markası : ÇİN
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341,39 TL   KDV DAHİL
Adet :


- 100% Brand new and high quality.
- Arduino Bluetooth Multi-Function Smart Car is a MCU study and application development system base on Atmege328.Complete tracking, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and Bluetooth remote control functions. Kits contains a number of interesting programs, and expand external circuit module, thereby increasing car use function.
1>.Motor parameter:
Power apply:6V-9V;
Reduction gear ratio:1:48;
2>.Selection L298N module driver motor,segregate form CPU.
3>.Three tracking modules,detection white and black line.Available with fall prevention control.
4>.Infrared remote communication module,composition of remote control system of smart car.
5>.Bluetooth wireless module,can match with mobile phone to control smart car.
6>.Input voltage 7V-12V,can connect to different kinds of sensor.The more sensors ,the more functions.
Experimental curriculum:
1>.L298N driver motor;
2>.Tracking smart car;
3>.Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance smart car;
4>.Infrared remote control smart car;
5>.Arduino Bluetooth control smart car;
6>.Multi-function smart car(tracking,obstacle avoidance ,infrared remote,Bluetooth remote);
What's in the package:
1>.stepper motor x4
2>.wheel x4
3>.motor fixed block x4
4>.100x213x5mm perspex sheet x1
5>.100x213x5mm perspex sheet x1
6>.L298N driver board x1
7>.Arduino uno 328 controller x1
8>.Arduino sensor shield V5 x1
9>.PTZ x1
10>.Servo motor x1
11>.Ultrasonic module x1
12>.Three channel tracking module x1
13>.Infrared receive sensor x1
14>.Transducer x1
15>.18650 battery holder x1
17>.18650 battery charger x1
18>.Bluetooth module x1
19>.Dupont wire x30
20>.USB cable 1M x1
21>.Copper cylinder M3*35mm x6
22>.Copper cylinder M3*20mm x3
23>.Copper cylinder M3*6mm x6
24>.M3 3mm screw and nut


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